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Fiction: Books & Stories

Colorful Books

The Time Riven Series

Time Riven trilogy snag.JPG

Daniel Macon heads the Department of Chronological integrity, but discovers hidden dangers lurking in the government's effort to regulate time travel and catch rogue time travelers.


Keenan Filby and the Mystery at the Palace Hotel

Keenan Filby cover.jpg

This is the story of the murder of an old Gold Rush miner who became one of the city's most eminent businessmen and a leading candidate for mayor. To twelve year-old Keenan Filby, this businessman was known simply as Grandfather. Keenan investigates the murder with the unexpected help from his irascible new tutor, his great aunt Constance Clewett.


Guidance: A Short Story

Guidance cover.jpg

Gerard Alfaro is a member of the Council, a group of world leaders who ensure the continued operation of AI systems that have kept humanity in peace and prosperity for almost a thousand years. When one of the other Councilors, Lewis Moen, dies on a routine mission, Gerard grieves for the loss of his mentor. But Moen’s daughter, Alysia, refuses to accept the death of her father and raises questions that have haunted Gerard since his childhood.


The Origin Flower

Origin Flower Cover.jpg

In the beginning, the Creator plants one flower.
From that one flower, all life descends.
Eons and eons pass, and the Origin Flower recedes into legend.

Now, an unlikely pair of heroes begin a journey to recover the Origin Flower. Stuck together against their wishes, Sprett, the gentle herbalist, and Hjarn, the arrogant warrior, embark on a quest to recover the source of all life and the cure of all disease.

The Origin Flower is a backpack fantasy, set in an ancient land. In this world, people experience gender as a dynamic mix of three elements: air, water, and rock.


The Wojciechowski Wager

The Wojciechowski Wager cover.jpg

Do you give consent to a future superintelligent AI to bring you back to life?

Does everyone have a right to resurrection?

In the 24th century, technology exists to resurrect people who died in earlier centuries. Justice Kori Hidalgo is the newest member of The International High Court for Resurrection Settlements, and the only resurrected Justice on the Court. As she works on a case that could revolutionize resurrection jurisprudence, Justice Hidalgo soon discovers that she must recuse herself. At the same time, she faces a mysterious danger.

The technology of the 24th century calls into question the meaning of death and the foundations of human identity. The future's legal battles and religious conflicts hinge on interpretations of a paper by Wincenty Wojciechowski, a late 21st-century philosopher. Wojciechowski put a novel twist on Pascal's Wager and instigated a series of events that he never could have predicted.

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